June 26-30, 2014

Seal AGM ExtendedThe Victoria Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada was formed in 1914, and quickly developed into one of the largest Centres in the country. 2014 is our centennial year. We are pleased to welcome RASC delegates and guests from across the country to help us celebrate this milestone during the national General Assembly!

We have partnered with the University of Victoria, faculty of Physics and Astronomy to host this event on the main UVic campus. Sessions will generally be held in the Bob Wright Earth Sciences building, and accommodation will be across the street at the UVic residences.

The Schedule of Events will generally follow the pattern established in past years’ General Assemblies. We will be offering some great tours and activities so delegates and guests can take home a fantastic experience from their visit to Victoria and Vancouver Island.

The beautiful logo for our General Assembly was created by Curt Bilson, a Victoria Centre member.  Curt consulted with Charles Elliott of the Wsanec (Saanich) Territory for the aboriginal designs to the right of the Plaskett telescope above the banner.

Call For Papers Notice - Deadline is February 28, 2014

Volunteers Needed! – we need every member of Victoria Centre to help make this GA a success