FOR SALE: Top Quality iOptron CEM-60 Mount – $2,200

This centre-balanced equatorial (or CEM) mount puts the payload weight at the mount’s centre of gravity, giving a big advantage in carrying capacity and accuracy. The head weighs only 27 pounds (12.3 kg), but handles up to 60 pounds (27.2 kg) of equipment.  In all other respects, it behaves exactly like a GEM.

I’ve used this mount for a number of years and have nothing but good to say about it.  For visual use, it’s smart GOTO controller has a database of 200,000 celestial objects, polar alignment feature where Polaris is not visible and superb tracking: a resolution of 0.06 arcsec.  Other features include a magnetically loaded gear system, gear switches on both RA and DEC axes, screw/worm type latitude adjuster.  The polar alignment scope is built in and is never blocked by the RA axis.

This mount was made for astrophotography!  It has a through-head cable management system (no more ruined subs from stuck cables!)  The mount has been measured at 3.5 arcsec or better permanent periodic error correction.  Unguided exposures of a minute or more are possible and, seeing permitting, have guided 12-minute subs over extended hours. It has 32-channel GPS and integrated ST-4 guide port. It is perfectly compatible with the latest ASCOM interface standards. I’m including a 2-inch tripod, counterweight and hard aluminum carrying case.  There are many other features and I’d advise checking its specs on the iOptron site.

Doug MacDonald email (250) 884-2646 Victoria

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FOR SALE: Top Quality iOptron CEM-60 Mount – $2,200
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