Mathematics and understanding our universe – Nazim Açar

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Feb 12, 2014 7:30PM, A104 – Bob Wright Building, University of Victoria

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Presentation – 6.3Mb pdf

Bio: Nazim was born in a perfect astronomy center: a remote Anatolian village with no electricity. For the summers he slept on the roof and fell asleep watching the sky. He teaches Math and Theory of Knowledge at Pearson College and enjoys living on campus.

2 Responses to “Mathematics and understanding our universe – Nazim Açar”

  1. Nazim Acar

    Thank you Dahlia for the generosity of sharing the kind thoughts. I enjoyed being at the celebration too. Delighted to connect and will be looking forward to more. Nazim

  2. Dahlia Beck

    So glad you made it to the Hanukkah celebration, Nazim, and that those of us who’d heard about you got to finally meet you face-to-face.
    Will reconnect in the new year.
    Regards to Neel,

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