Night Lighting

Light pollution

The effects of Light Pollution are felt locally and globally by all living beings on our planet. It does more than deprive us of our natural right to enjoy the night sky, waste energy, and degrade urban living. Light Pollution profoundly harms the natural environment in numerous ways, most significantly by universal disruption of Circadian Biology.

The Victoria Centre has joined a global initiative to reduce the adverse impacts of light pollution on human health and safety, wildlife, and the environment. Public education and participation are essential for success.

We invite you to review and share the information provided in the Resources below and hope that you will help reduce the light pollution in your neighborhood. Success will mean safer, healthier, greener, and more light efficient communities everywhere.

Please contact our Lighting Committee if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to help our efforts to bring back dark skies and protect our urban environment.

Visit the Light Pollution Abatement resources on our national website.


2019 Best Lighting (3.9Mb PDF)

Explanation of light’s importance

Take action: How to choose the best lights when you need them


More educational resources


Learn about the connection between light pollution and human health (cancer, sleep & mood disorders, obesity, diabetes, etc.); Wildlife health, declining Biodiversity, Ecosystem disruption; Air Pollution; wasted Energy; loss of the Night Sky, and more …

Sky Quality Map – 2010