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FOR SALE: Meade LX200 12” SCT go-to telescope plus accessories

  • Focal ratio: f/10, focal length: 120”
  • Resolution: .375 arc sec; approx limiting visual magnitude: 15
  • Eyepieces – all 1.25″
    • 26mm Meade Possl (original)
    • 14mm Speers-Waler
    • 40mm Plossl
    • Antares 1.25” 2X barlow
  • Original hand control paddle
  • Power supply transformer for AC hookup
  • Transformer for 12-volt battery hookup
  • Heated (soft) dew shield and heated-eyepiece and objective warmers and control for them, and all connectors.
  • Manual
  • Original large tripod
  • Meade wedge, and original carrying case (not pictured)

Optional (to purchase separately)

  • Rigid metal dew shield
  • 12-inch solar filter
  • Welded permanent mount (pictured)

I would be happy to throw in my 3 volumes of Burnham’s celestial handook and my customized list of deep sky objects, arranged by declination from north to south for each hour of R.A.

If someone is seriously interested and wants to come try out the telescope as I have it set up (weather permitting), I would be happy to put them up over night. Also to instruct how to use the equipment if they aren’t familiar. This instrument formerly belonged to Jack Newton.

Asking $2,750

Contact Dan – email – 250 335-0005 (Hornby Island)

FOR SALE: Celestron AVX computerized German Equatorial Mount

  • Celestron AVX mount
    Celestron AVX mount

    1.5 years old, in perfect condition

  • comes with 2″ heavy duty tripod, hand controller and counterweight
  • maximum payload 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
  • Full specs

Asking $900

Contact Doug MacDonald – email – (250)884-2646

FOR SALE: Three volume Millennium Star Atlas

  • Sky Publishing Corporation
  • New condition in original case

Asking $595

Contact: John email or call 250-884-2646

FOR SALE: 12.5″ Obsession Dob telescope

Obsession telescope Obsession telescope
  • F/5 12.5″ Obsession Dobsonian telescope
  • Counterweights
  • Argo Navis Digital Telescope Computer
  • Ripstop shroud
  • Telrad finder
  • Feathertouch focuser
  • Outstanding f/5 12.5″ mirror

Prefer local sale $3,500 firm

Contact Robin email

FOR SALE: Mallincam astro camera, JMI motorized focuser, Antares light pollution filter

  1. Mallincam Universe astro camera with focal reducer (as new) – $1200
  2. JMI EV1 motorized focuser for SCT (and 2″ adapter ) (as new). This allows for focusing to move the eyepiece rather than the mirror for fine adjustment. – $350
  3. Antares ALP 2″ filter – the Antares light pollution filter – $50

Note: all funds from sale of items will go to Threshold Shelter which provides safe housing for homeless youth along with support to move away from habitual homelessness. Those purchasing these items will be able to claim the purchase as a charitable donation.

Contact Ron email