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Obsession telescope
Obsession telescope

FOR SALE: 12.5″ Obsession Dob telescope

  • F/5 12.5″ Obsession Dobsonian telescope
  • Counterweights
  • Argo Navis Digital Telescope Computer
  • Ripstop shroud
  • Telrad finder
  • Feathertouch focuser
  • Outstanding f/5 12.5″ mirror

Prefer local sale $3,500 firm

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FOR SALE: Mallincam astro camera, JMI motorized focuser, Antares light pollution filter

  1. Mallincam Universe astro camera with focal reducer (as new) – $1200
  2. JMI EV1 motorized focuser for SCT (and 2″ adapter ) (as new). This allows for focusing to move the eyepiece rather than the mirror for fine adjustment. – $350
  3. Antares ALP 2″ filter – the Antares light pollution filter – $50

Note: all funds from sale of items will go to Threshold Shelter which provides safe housing for homeless youth along with support to move away from habitual homelessness. Those purchasing these items will be able to claim the purchase as a charitable donation.

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