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FOR SALE: Atlas Coeli 1950.0 antiquarian star atlas

  • 4th enlarged edition, 1962
  • Enlarged copy, 23” x 14”
  • Linen cover
  • 16 star maps

Asking $75 plus shipping

Contact Rita email or text to +1 (250) 218-8728 (Comox)

FOR SALE: ZWO ASI183MC Pro one shot colour camera

ZWO ASI183MC Pro one shot colour astrophotography camera has seen very little use and is in pristine condition. It’s small pixels (2.4 uM) make it idea for deep sky work or planetary detail. As a cooled camera, it produces consistent very low-noise images and has a quantum efficiency of 84%. Detailed specs.

Asking $950

Contact Doug MacDonald – email or call 250-884-2646

FOR SALE: Canon Angle Finder C viewfinder magnifier

Magnification adjustable: 1.25x or 2.5x. Attaches to the back of many dSLR viewfinders that have a simple slot for the eye cups, including most Canon T-series dSLRs.


Contact Joe Carr email or (250) 294-1992 (Victoria)

FOR SALE: Erect image 2″ finder scope

2" finder scope
2″ finder scope

Removable 1.25″ eyepiece with adjustable diopter. No mounting hardware included.


Contact Joe Carr email or (250) 294-1992 (Victoria)