This is an invitation for teachers and/or principals in the Greater Victoria area who wish to take advantage of the Victoria Centre’s School Visit and Education Program.

Please contact Lauri Roche – email

The Victoria Centre’s School Visit and Education Program consists of free teaching presentations, star parties and astronomy resources to offer to Elementary and Middle Schools. The program reaches almost 2,000 students each year.

The presentations are planned with teachers according to the age level, time limits and curriculum needs. We would be happy to plan and develop a program that works for your classroom.

The night sky Star Parties are held for students, teachers and parents with members of the RASC Victoria Centre providing telescopes for night sky viewing right at your school.

History of Victoria Centre’s School Visit and Education Program

In early 1996 the RASC Victoria Centre expressed a desire to initiate Public Outreach efforts in the Greater Victoria Schools. The intent was to provide an opportunity for school age children to look through a telescope and enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

The program started with an opportunity for teachers in Elementary Schools in District #61 to borrow a 15 cm telescope. In August 1996, McKenzie Elementary was the first to take advantage of this program.

During the first year, eleven schools used this program, and soon the word spread to other school districts. The program has slightly changed from the first year of lending a telescope, to include classroom presentations and facilitating star parties. The program now reaches almost 1,500 to 2,000 students a year.

Many thanks to our volunteers.