Thank you for picking up a complimentary copy of Canada’s astronomy magazine, SkyNews. We hope you are enjoying reading it.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) is the main Canadian organization for those interested in astronomy. There are centres of the RASC across Canada and there are around 5,000 members.

RASC membership comes with a number of benefits. Members receive a copy of the annual Observer’s Handbook. As well there are online publications such as the Journal of the RASC (also available in print), and the monthly Bulletin.

Being an member of the RASC Victoria Centre comes with many extras as we are an active Centre. There are opportunities for:

  • Spending time with enthusiastic people who share your interest in astronomy
  • Learning even more about astronomy
  • Learning to navigate the night sky, including completing observing certificate programs
  • Learning how to photograph the sky from experts as you can see from our member photos
  • Learning about light pollution abatement, sky quality, and responsible light fixtures
  • Participating in public outreach events to share your passion with others
  • Learning about and using different types of telescopes
  • Using our club-owned observatory
  • Borrowing club-owned telescopes
  • Borrowing books from our extensive astronomy library

Some of the activities of the RASC Victoria Centre typically include (events have been impacted by the pandemic and event restrictions):

  • Monthly meetings at the University of Victoria
  • Observing sessions at the Victoria Centre Observatory
  • Astro Café where there are informal talks and sharing of observing and photography (September to May)
  • RASCals of Cattle Point where members meet at the Cattle Point Urban Star Park
  • UVic Telescope – observing sessions for centre members using the UVic 32″ telescope
  • Star Party where you can camp out and look at the sky all night.
  • Many outreach opportunities including our booth at many community events, the star parties at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, and the schools program.

We hope you will join us!